A Legacy of Hard Work

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Date: December 29, 2022

For Integrity Partner Tony Arruda, getting older has meant doubling down and doing more to serve others. That’s because Tony started Senior Planning Center at the age of 70, when he himself was already eligible for Medicare!

When we asked Tony what inspired him to have a whole new career in his retirement years, he shared that hard work is at the core of his proud Portuguese heritage. His father’s family came to America when his dad was only six years old. Working his way up, his dad went from sweeping floors to owning one of the largest taxicab companies around Boston. Tony learned the value of work from his family and honors their sacrifices by continuing to work hard every day — but he does something else to keep his family history close as well: he gets out on the ocean!

The Arruda family has worked on the seas for generations, dating back to their native village on the coast of Portugal. Tony served in the Coast Guard Reserves, his uncle was a renowned boat builder and the earlier generations of his family were whalers. Keeping up the traditions of hard work and seafaring, Tony’s son became a maritime engineer and worked at sea for several years. Nowadays, Tony’s love of the ocean leads to weekends exploring the coastline of Maine and enjoying the water.

Whether he’s on land or sea, one thing’s for sure — Tony Arruda knows the value of hard work. It was so fun to share stories and learn more about this great addition to the Integrity family. Be sure to check out the rest of Tony’s story on the “Inspire” Podcast!

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