Built to Endure

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Date: January 23, 2023

Larry Gray understands what it takes to endure. His whole life has been an endurance race, from his military service to carrying on the family business. He even tackles actual endurance races for fun on the weekends! Recently, Larry stopped by the “Inspire” Podcast and shared how his ability to endure has shaped his life.

Larry’s endurance skills first appeared as a young man. His love of camping and scouting gave him a love for the outdoors, but it was his time in the ROTC and his military mentor that inspired him to enlist in the Army. Larry worked hard throughout his school years, and after graduating from West Point with high leadership scores he became an infantry officer.

Built To Endure

His assignment put him down in the trenches working with soldiers in the Middle East and beyond, furthering his leadership skills. His time in Iraq put his endurance to the test as he spent his deployment in the center of action. While in Baghdad, he was promoted to a battle captain and oversaw tactical operations for his entire battalion.

After the end of his active service, Larry transitioned to leading Legacy Insurance and Financial Services and carrying his father’s high standard of care forward. He brings his leadership and endurance to everything he does as he works with agents throughout the Rocky Mountain region. And when work is done, he keeps his physical skills sharp by competing in Spartan Races.

Thanks, Larry, for your service and constant example of endurance. Be sure to listen to the rest of our conversation over on the “Inspire” Podcast!

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