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Date: February 24, 2022

At Integrity, we understand the important role families play in our lives. That’s why, when we hear about our Integrity family going above and beyond for their children, it tugs at our heartstrings. Recently on the “Inspire” Podcast, we heard the incredible story of new partner John Gavin of J. Gavin Financial Services and the challenges he has overcome to be there for his family.

In 2008, John lost everything: his business, his home and his family. When the housing market crashed, so did his world. His now ex-wife filed for divorce, moving their daughters across the state. He was at rock bottom — but he was determined to provide for his family. The recession made jobs scarce, and to survive John did whatever he could to put food on the table, including selling his plasma. It was a humbling low he never could have imagined.

John answered an ad to become an insurance agent, thinking it would be a short-term gig. However, he was surprised to discover a passion for helping others and the success it offered. He was soon able to afford moving closer to his kids and was able to coach his daughter’s softball team with the flexibility this industry provides.

John says the secret to his success in this industry has come from putting his focus on family. We admire John’s perseverance and strength. His success is well deserved, and we know that this is only the beginning of great things for John, his family and his business. Check out the rest of John’s episode on the “Inspire” Podcast to learn more about John and his vision for the future with Integrity.

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