Game Time 2022 Highlights Episode 2: Mascot Dress Up Challenge

Category: "Inspire" Stories

Date: November 8, 2022

We are deep in the 4th Quarter and can’t believe how much we have accomplished! Game Time 2022 is living up to the hype — and all the hard work everyone is bringing into each week is paying off.

For this past week’s Activity Challenge, our partners across the nation went all out and got dressed up for the Mascot Dress Up Challenge. Mascot Dress Up is one of our favorite parts of Game Time, and you all never disappoint with the costumes and creativity you come up with!

Watch the highlight video above to get a glimpse of the fun from this past week’s festivities.

Game Time 2022 is only going to get better! Everyone knows it’s time to take their work to the next level and make sure we serve as many Americans as possible during the 4th Quarter. We are proud to be a part of this Integrity family with you, and know we are going to achieve all our goals together this year.

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