Game Time 2022 is Ready for Kickoff!

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Date: October 10, 2022

Game Time 2022 launched on this morning’s “Inspire” Podcast, and we’re already off to an incredible start!

Game Time is a program that brings our offices across the nation together to celebrate and motivate one another during this big 4th Quarter push. Now is the time for us to give it everything we’ve got so we can finish the year strong together!

This will be the biggest and best Game Time yet! Game Time runs from now until December 16th. Watch for all of the following starting soon:

  1. Swag Drops – every week starting next week, you’ll receive a package with new Integrity swag to keep the #IntegrityPride going!
  2. Gold Flip Coin – some of the weekly swag packages will include a gold flip coin hidden in them. Those lucky enough to find a gold coin will win a special prize!
  3. Team Captains – each Partner has a designated Team Captain to coordinate and champion Game Time at your office. Your Team Captain will create a centralized Integrity swag location and share the fun Activity Challenge competitions!
  4. Team Tailgate Parties – each week, specific Partners will be awarded a “Tailgate Party” — an opportunity to host a team event and share photos/videos with the rest of the Integrity family.
  5. Activity Challenges – every other week, we’ll also have a fun inter-office competition across the Integrity family; Team Captains will lead, plan and organize these for each office; winners receive bragging rights!
  6. Monday Morning Quarterback – tune in to the “Inspire” Podcast each Monday for a Monday Morning Quarterback segment where the week’s winners are announced, as well as the coming week’s activities.
  7. “Inspire” Hail Mary – on each Monday’s “Inspire” Podcast, we’ll give you a Hail Mary keyword or phrase. Listeners can input that phrase on for a chance to win a special prize.
  8. Weekly MVPs – “Inspire 100” will be renamed from October to December. Submit your nominations for superstars to and give them the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!
  9. Videos & Emails – watch your inbox for fun videos and photos from our Activity Challenges, Team Tailgates, winners and more!
  10. Social Engagement – sharing on social media will be a big part of Game Time this year! Watch for details on how and when to share and tag #IntegrityGameTime2022 on your social accounts.

This is the time of year when we dig deep, work hard and win big together!

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