“In any moments of doubt, it’s up to me to come through!”

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Date: April 6, 2023

We’re so glad you joined us for our latest Women in Leadership Seminar with Maral Keshishian, President of PHP Agency. Your enthusiastic attendance drives us to continue making these events amazing and helpful to everyone. Maral was interviewed by Anne Wood, our Chief Marketing Officer, bringing her wisdom to questions about her life, career and future plans.

Maral’s story is one of humble confidence and the affirming power of mentorship to keep moving forward on the right path. There’s an importance to your mentor being “100% your champion,” says Maral, even when you make mistakes or face doubts. In fact, she says, “If there is any moment of doubt, it’s up to me to come through!” Owning her actions and persevering is what led Maral to where she is today.

Watch the full interview again, right here: https://www.integritymarketing.com/women-in-leadership/maral-keshishian/

Our Women in Leadership Seminars just keep getting better. We have more to come — stay tuned for our next guest!

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