In loving memory of our friend and partner Mike Greenhill

Category: Partner News

Date: December 13, 2022

The Integrity family is mourning the loss of one of its well-loved members. Mike Greenhill, President of Greenhill Management and an Integrity Managing Partner, passed away on Sunday, December 11th, from a pulmonary embolism.

Mike joined Integrity last April, along with his wife, Debbie, and daughter, Lindsey. He began his insurance career 45 years ago, and in 1984 took over the company founded by his father. Mike was an influential industry leader who helped thousands of agents and clients. His highly personal approach to the business made Greenhill Management what it is today.

Mike was also an accomplished musician and had an incredible collection of vintage guitars that he put to expert use in his blues and soul music band, Greenfish. Here is a clip of Mike playing the music he loved.

Above all, Mike was a man who loved his family and serving his community. He especially enjoyed working with Debbie and Lindsey, while treating everyone he came across like family. That family connection made him a perfect fit at Integrity, where he had close relationships with many of our other partners. His sudden and tragic loss will be felt deeply.

Our hearts go out to Mike’s family and all who loved him. As an Integrity family, we will honor his memory and legacy in the best way we know how — by continuing to serve others in the same way he would.

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