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Date: July 10, 2023

When you think “military police,” you may picture officers patrolling bases, guarding sensitive information or even handling criminal investigations. But have you ever heard of undercover MPs in schools? On the “Inspire” Podcast, one of our new Managing Partners, Traci Spencer of Senior Solutions & Services, tells us about how she served our country.

After enlisting in the U.S. Army, Traci was shipped to Japan to serve as a military police officer. There, she was given the unique job of undercover officer. Just like in the movie and TV show “21 Jump Street,” Traci was enrolled as a student at an American high school, but in Japan. She was the Army’s eyes and ears on the inside. She jokes that she couldn’t get out of her high school fast enough and wound up being thrown right back into it by the Army.


While her assignment may have been unconventional, Traci understood why it was so important. She was ensuring the safety of her fellow service members and their families. Her work as an undercover officer required both bravery and dedication.


Traci’s time in the Army gave her insight into who she was as a person. It gave her the opportunity to grow and gain valuable skills that she has carried with her throughout her life. But it was her passion for service that drove her to enlist. Now as a Managing Partner at Integrity, Traci continues to serve and protect Americans in a new way. Be sure to check out the rest of her episode to learn more about how she became a Managing Partner at Integrity and how she continues to lead with purpose and passion.

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