One Percent Better Every Day

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Date: June 28, 2022

Service is at the core of everything we do here at Integrity. This whole industry is about serving and caring for those in our communities and making sure their needs are met. On the “Inspire” Podcast, new Integrity partner Kimberly Harper-Valdez shared her simple way to incorporate more compassion and service into her everyday life.

Kim’s philosophy is to try to be one percent better every day — one percent more compassionate and willing to help people. When she makes an effort to pay attention and proactively seek ways to serve others, it helps her know she is on the right path. She shared that if we all strive to improve ourselves by one percent every day, we will see huge changes in our character over time.

It’s a practice Kim uses in all aspects of her life, from serving her family to helping foster the growth of The Valdez Group. As they work toward incremental improvements and increased opportunities to serve, the business grows and does more for the communities they serve. It’s a powerful method with simple execution.

We love hearing about the strong convictions of our partners and the positive examples they bring to the Integrity family. Be sure to listen to the “Inspire” Podcast to catch more wisdom from our partners and learn the latest in Integrity news!

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