The Sound of Silence

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Date: January 26, 2022

Every partner has a unique path that has led them to insurance. Our recent “Inspire” Podcast guest was no exception. We spoke with Rick Kisser of the brother and sister duo taking the reins of the family legacy: AIP Marketing Alliance. Rick says he switched careers to join the insurance industry. He compares that journey to escaping a cave and finding the light.

Prior to joining AIP Marketing Alliance, Rick worked as a mechanical engineer at the General Motors headquarters in Detroit. His job was to test the noise output of different automotive parts. In order to test this, Rick needed to be in a semi-anechoic chamber, which he explained looks similar to a recording studio. It is a windowless and foam-padded room, and he had to be in there all day, every day.



After a few years of working at General Motors, the silence and loneliness of the chamber began to take a toll on Rick’s work-life satisfaction. Seeing how his work was affecting him, Rick’s mom, Cheryl A. Kisser, offered him a position working at AIP Marketing Alliance. Rick accepted the position and made the career switch.

Rick shared that he is happier now that he is surrounded by family and has discovered a passion for the industry and its ability to help people. We are glad that Rick found his passion and that his story inspires us all to find a career we love. Check out the rest of the “Inspire” episode to learn more about Rick, AIP Marketing Alliance and their vision for the future.

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