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Integrity and Hemati Insurance Agency Join Forces to Strengthen Expansive Services for Agents

At Integrity, we recognize the crucial role agents play in helping Americans plan for the good days ahead. We’re fully committed to supporting their needs — a commitment we’re proud to share with Hemati Insurance Agency. Based in Austin, Texas, Hemati has become a proven leader in providing consumers with life and health insurance solutions. Integrity’s multifaceted platform of best-in-class technology and resources will help position the agency for a new stage of growth. It’s a winning combination for Hemati, its agents and the many families they serve…

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Forefront Agency Strengthens Mission to Serve Military Veterans and their Families by Partnering with Integrity

At Integrity, we’re grateful for the service and sacrifice of America’s military veterans — and honored to partner with a company specially focused on serving them. For Forefront Agency, helping veterans get the solutions they need is a deeply personal responsibility. The Austin, Texas-based firm actively recruits agents with a military background and provides the structure for them to succeed. By partnering with Integrity, the Forefront Agency team will gain access to game-changing technology and resources designed to help strengthen and expand their vital mission to serve…

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Integrity Continues to Expand Reach Within Life Market by Partnering with Living Hope Life Group

The insurance industry is an essential resource for people who want to protect what matters most. The team at Living Hope Life Group understands that. Based in South Carolina, the agency is committed to helping agents build lasting and meaningful careers centered around service. Partnering with Integrity opens an exciting new chapter in the Living Hope Life Group story, giving the agency access to world-class technology, resources and support to help its agents focus more on what they do best — meeting essential insurance needs…

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Integrity and Inspire Insurance Group Join Forces to Bring Life Protection to More American Families

Dramatic changes are taking place in the insurance industry today, led by a dynamic new generation of leaders. Integrity is thrilled to partner with such a youthful and visionary organization — Inspire Insurance Group. The Arizona-based agency has grown remarkably fast thanks to an unrelenting work ethic and commitment to the highest levels of service. Integrity’s vast resources and state-of-the art technology will help the Inspire Insurance Group team do and serve more by consistently delivering innovative solutions to their agents and clients…

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Senior Med Benefits Partners with Integrity for Cutting-edge Agent Resources and Technology

At Integrity, we know how important it is for seniors to find the right Medicare plan — and how knowledgeable agents can help streamline the process. That’s why we love partnering with proven companies like Senior Med Benefits. The Utah-based agency is committed to making Medicare simpler for those they serve, while treating agents and consumers like family. Now, Senior Med Benefits will use Integrity’s expansive resources and innovative technology to take their business to the next level — and help more people find Medicare coverage that fits…

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Health & Wealth Agency Accelerates Strategic Growth through Partnership with Integrity

The need for holistic life, health and wealth protection has never been greater. At Integrity, we’re working to deliver it to all Americans. Partnering with companies like Health & Wealth Agency accelerates our mission. The distinguished Florida-based agency strives to be a beacon of professionalism, passion and dedication in the industry, with unwavering commitment to client service. Being part of Integrity will help the Health & Wealth Agency team expand their influence on agents and consumers, making it possible for more people to plan for the good days ahead…

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Integrity Partners with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys to Bring Comprehensive Holistic Planning to Americans

Integrity’s mission to help Americans plan for the good days ahead is multifaceted, and estate planning is a key piece of the life, health and wealth protection puzzle. Partnering with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys will empower us both to innovate in ways that transform the process. With over 150 participating law firms across the country, the Academy is already a respected force in the industry. Integrity’s resources and technology suite will help Academy members deliver more holistic solutions — and better serve the needs of their clients…

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Integrity Expands its Reach by Partnering with Prosper with Purpose Financial

The insurance industry offers hard-working entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow and succeed while serving the needs of others. The team at Prosper with Purpose Financial saw that golden opportunity and have made the most of it. The Doral, Florida-based agency provides in-depth training and resources to help agents build lasting and rewarding careers. Partnering with Integrity now gives Prosper with Purpose access to world-class technology and resources that can help them optimize their business — and take advantage of even more opportunities…

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LP Insurance Deepens Diverse Community Impact and Accelerates Growth by Partnering with Integrity

Family is a cherished core value at Integrity — and we’re always thrilled to welcome dynamic new partners like LP Insurance Marketing Group into our ever-expanding circle. The Hartford, Connecticut-based agency is dedicated to treating every agent and client like family. That approach has helped the LP Insurance Marketing Group team grow rapidly and expand their ability to serve diverse communities. Adding Integrity’s game-changing technology will further enhance their mission, setting the stage for an even brighter and more successful future…

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Legacy Protectors Life Group Expands Holistic Insurance Offerings by Partnering with Integrity

It takes an extraordinary amount of hard work and dedication to build a successful insurance agency. That’s why Integrity is so honored to partner with companies like Legacy Protectors Life Group. Based in Sarasota, Florida, the agency has earned respect within the industry for its deep commitment to excellence and strong focus on delivering the right solutions to agents and clients. By joining the Integrity family, Legacy Protectors Life Group will gain access to unmatched relationships and resources — and be well positioned for new levels of growth…

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Invictus Marketing Solutions Joins Integrity to Offer Industry-Leading Technology Solutions for Agents

For millions of Americans, choosing the right Medicare coverage is one of the most important decisions they can make. It’s why Missouri-based Invictus has grown into one of the most trusted senior market agencies in the Midwest. Partnering with Integrity will help them reach a whole new level of success. Like Integrity, Invictus is focused on empowering agents to better serve the unique needs of each client. Integrity’s cutting-edge technology will greatly enhance that mission. Together, we’ll help more people than ever make the most of what life brings…

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INS Marketing Systems and Integrity Join Forces to Holistically Support the Life, Health and Wealth of Seniors

At Integrity, we’re always thrilled when companies like INS Marketing Systems choose to partner with us. Because by working together, we can meet the insurance needs of even more Americans. Based in DeSoto, Texas, INS Marketing Systems has earned a reputation for providing exceptional service. Integrity’s world-class technology and resources will help position the life and health agency for a new phase of growth. It’s a game changing opportunity for the INS Marketing Systems team to join a family with core values that mirror their own…

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