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Rob Richman

Rob Richman is the President of Richman Insurance Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Rob earned his BA from The Ohio State University in 2008 and pursued an MBA from John Carroll University in 2010. His extensive knowledge in mortgage protection led him to run and oversee agencies for over ten years before building his..

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Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson is the Founder and Chairman of Gladstone Wealth Partners and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Robert founded Gladstone Wealth Partners, a wealth management enterprise, to help individuals and businesses in all aspects of their financial lives and to serve as a home for financial advisors to do the same for their clients. Robert’s..

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Richard Frick

Richard Frick is the CEO of Gladstone Wealth Partners and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Richard’s broad and extensive background has set the foundation for him to successfully lead and innovate. Prior to joining Gladstone, he worked at a multinational investment management and financial services company in various leadership roles, including regional manager for Private..

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Ron Shurts

Ron Shurts is the Co-Founder and CEO of Annexus and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Ron hails from a small town in Nebraska and started his career selling life insurance to individuals and farmers. He quickly became curious about what else he could do to build a bigger and better business. In 1992, Ron started..

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Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is Founder and CEO of PHP Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity. A political refugee at the tender age of 10, Patrick fled Iran with his parents and eventually settled in the U.S. After serving in the U.S. Army, he began his career in the insurance and financial industry. After a few..

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Wayne Gray

Wayne Gray is the Founding Partner of Legacy Insurance and Financial Services and a Partner at Integrity. Wayne began his career in 1980 at the age of 24. He received national recognition year after year as both an agent and agency manager. He served as a home office executive for three large insurance companies. Wayne..

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Larry Gray

Larry Gray is a Managing Partner of Legacy Insurance and Financial Services and a Managing Partner at Integrity. As a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Larry served eleven years as an infantry officer. He served sixteen months in Iraq as a platoon leader and battle captain with the 3rd Stryker..

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Suzanne Tatz

Suzanne Tatz is the Founder and CEO of Statz Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Suzanne grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa, but has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1998. She began her career in marketing and advertising. However, she came to discover a passion for changing people’s lives through the insurance industry…

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Dave Whichard

Dave Whichard is President of Velocity Life Insurance Agency and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Dave started in the insurance industry selling supplemental insurance over 25 years ago. Before founding Velocity, he protected thousands of families in Virginia as well as mentored hundreds of agents across the country. Dave has a proven track record of being..

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Anthony Owen

Anthony Owen is the President of Annuity Agents Alliance and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Anthony started his career in the insurance industry in 1995, becoming a leading sales manager for a Fortune 500 direct-to-consumer P&C insurance carrier. In 2006, wanting to exercise his entrepreneurial ambitions, Anthony and his brother co-founded an independent life and..

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Steven Yee

Steven Yee is the President of SkyPoint Financial and Insurance Services and a Managing Partner at Integrity Marketing Group. Before finding the insurance industry, Steven coached high school basketball. He enjoyed coaching kids and watching them fulfill their potential. Now, he gets to do the same in the insurance industry. At the age of 26,..

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Kevin Hovis

Kevin is Vice President of Medicare Sales at Hovis & Associates and a Managing Partner at Integrity. Kevin joined Hovis & Associates in 2004 and quickly acquired all necessary licenses to become an insurance and investment broker. Today, his primary responsibilities are to manage over 200 independent insurance brokers with contracting, certifications, continuing education, and..

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