We know what it takes to run an agency well. With IntegrityCONNECT® technology, agencies can manage their business from our cloud-based portal and empower their teams to maximize their time and better support agents and their customers. IntegrityCONNECT® uses our proprietary technology that unites marketing and operations processes in a centralized system, including managing customer relations data, managing the healthcare enrollment process, agent tracking, commissions and agent outreach.


MedicareCENTER grew out of Integrity’s commitment to create effective tools for the partners and agents we serve. Our integrated platform makes it easier for agents to increase enrollments and better serve their clients. By integrating Medicare resources with data science insights, proprietary CRM, and online training — and offering it all in one place — we’ve created an easier, more powerful quoting and enrollment tool.

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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Integrity uses the power of data science to gain insights into consumer behavior across the full insurance journey of demand, prospect, engagement and retention. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide partners with the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

We track metrics through all stages of an enrollment — from product to consumer to agent — by tapping into data from over 500,000 agents across our platform. When combined with in-depth market intelligence from Deft Research, an Integrity-owned partner and the industry’s go-to resource for insurance insights, we produce best-in-class reporting and create real-time dashboards that help simplify and make experiences more human — all while following data security best practices.


Quoting and Enrollment Tools

We offer proprietary quoting and enrollment tools to every one of our partners through Integrity-owned CSG Actuarial. CSG has revolutionized the industry with its intuitive, software as a service (SaaS) quoting and enrollment tool that makes it easier for agents to understand their clients’ needs. Over 25 million quotes run through the CSG platform annually.

Integrity LeadCENTER

Our proprietary lead buying and selling platform provides real-time access to millions of exclusive and compliant leads, helping our partners and agents maximize their return on investment. The platform’s built-in functionality for lead projections and heat mapping — as well as support from a full lead-generation team — ensures Integrity partners always have access to the industry’s top-performing consumer leads. It also helps consumers get answers to their insurance questions as quickly as possible from qualified agents.